How to choose the size of the camping tents?



We spend more time with our families in our one life, so there is a good activity to go outdoor activities with family members on weekends. So we usually need to buy camping tents to camp in the night. For professional outdoors, we can choose professional outdoor camping tents with good air permeability and rainproof, it also can be used for sunshade, mosquito repellent or light rain leisure activities in parks, lakeside and other environments.

       How can we choose the size of the camping tents?

       Depends on the persons.One person camping tent is only can be used by a single person, with a child under 10 years old at most. but it is very light and easy to carry; Two persons need to pick a 3-4 persons size tents,  so you can sleep two people suitable.   the space of application is more than that of a single person account. so when two people sleep, the backpack can only also be placed in the camping all that means we need to pick up the size of camping tents 2 more than the actual persons.we strongly suggest you to pick upthe colors are blue, green, orange and other bright colors to refuse Mosquito.



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